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Power Over Ethernet

While more and more of our digital life is becoming wireless, wireless solutions continue to be plagued by signal strength issues and download/upload speeds. In a room over a garage finished off as a home office space, a Design Basics customer recently reported...

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There’s No Need to Vent…

There’s No Need to Vent…

Sometimes placement of the laundry room presents a unique situation for venting the dryer. Maybe your vent needs to run up before it can exit the home. This can cause energy and safety problems as lint can become trapped in in the vent and more frequent cleaning is...

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Your Car will Thank You

Streets meander through the neighborhood. Curbs and sewers are already in place, as are young saplings hinting at the promise of beautiful tree-lined streets. This, the neighborhood you’re buying into. You’ve been planning this new home for years. Everything’s been...

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The Air We Breathe

Most whole-home air purification systems utilize high-performance air filters installed in the home’s heating ductwork, which can be very effective at trapping airborne pollutants and allergens. Some systems go further, adding UV germicidal lights that can kill...

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