Smarter Windows and Doors

Smarter Windows and Doors

The new Insynctive™ technology by Pella® is leading the way with smart window and door products that make life easier for your customers. Insynctive wireless Window and Door Sensors relay information to a compatible home automation system via the Insynctive Bridge. Homeowners can check whether their windows are open or closed from virtually anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Insynctive Entry Door Deadbolt Sensor can be integrated into a new Pella entry door. If the entry door is left open or unlocked, a compatible home automation system will let you know.

Couldn’t remember if your Garage Door was left open? Your smart device can bring you peace of mind. Ready for bed? You won’t have to get up to close your blinds or shades — program them to automatically lower at bedtime. In a home theater room, blinds and shades can be programmed to raise and lower when your home automation system raises and lowers the lights. The comfort of your home is enhanced when blinds and shades and doors with Insynctive technology are connected with other products through a compatible home automation system — to get the most out of life and the home where you live it.

Learn more about Pella’s Insynctive technology by visiting their website:

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Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future

There are many design elements that can be added to your home at a later date, but some things should be incorporated during the planning stages. Here we present two such items – one is an almost impossible change after the fact, and one will simply save you time, money, and unnecessary headache.

Basement Design

Slightly less than one-half of the homes built in the U.S. are built on basements. If your new home will sit atop a basement foundation, before you build, do your best to determine future uses for your basement. For example, you’re probably going to want taller basement walls in order to have a ceiling height that is at least 8-feet. You’ll know where to rough in plumbing for a bathroom, where to optimally locate structural poles, and where a small kitchen or bar might be situated. You will also want to make sure you don’t finish off too much of that lower level at the expense of much needed storage!

Happy Feet

If your feet are warm, chances are you’ll feel warm all over. But the converse is also true. And few things at home are more dreaded than climbing out of a warm bed or after bathing and stepping onto cold floors! Concrete, stone, tile, and even wood floors can be quite cold to bare feet. Radiant floor heating, in which either warming electrical wires or recirculating hot water lines are installed under the flooring, creates a wonderful, warm floor. Importantly, the decision to spend money for warm floors must be made prior to construction!

Read more home design tips on our Design Resources page.



Physiologically, we are drawn to natural light. That’s not surprising as natural light has been shown to provide numerous health benefits – both physically and mentally. Natural light promotes concentration and relaxation.

Numerous studies also conclude that we’re “wired” to be in community. Most people will recall time spent with family and friends as the best, and most important times in their lives; therefore, it’s no surprise that sunny spaces are golden for entertaining.

A natural conclusion is that areas in your home bathed in daylight would be ideal for making memories. Whether you relish delicious moments alone for personal reflection or growth or life-giving time spent with loved ones, “light, bright, and airy” describes the perfect space.

Design Basics BarclayHence, the long-standing popularity of sunrooms in our homes. Lined with windows on at least two sides to maximize natural light levels, sunrooms also connect us with nature’s beauty. And when the sunroom flows directly into your dining area, as seen in the Barclay (56392) plan, magic happens! Your dining space becomes so much more attractive, and the windows add a feeling of spaciousness. Practically, such design adds flexibility to your entertaining options as well. For instance, if on holidays you’ll have 12 people for dinner, you can add those leaves to your dining table (or set up another adjoining table) and all generations are together for that special meal!

View the plan: 56392

‘March Home Plan Mania’ Bracket Challenge!

‘March Home Plan Mania’ Bracket Challenge!

Join us for our 2nd annual Home Plan bracket challenge. Vote for your favorite plans and save on your next home plan purchase! 16 of our All-Star plans go plan-to-plan in four rounds of play to determine the MVP!

When you participate, you will receive the following savings*:

  • $100 off your next home plan purchase
  • Two (2) hours of plan alterations with a plan specialist – FREE!

For details* and to complete your entry, click here.

Game on!!


What do you like to display in your home?

What do you like to display in your home?

About 13 years ago we did some remodeling. We chose a pleasant color scheme and then the art and decor to go with it. While I love the framed prints we have on our walls, sometimes I wish I could do something new or swap them out. But, to do that it takes time, money, and a little manual labor. To remedy the situation, here’s a great alternative — Meural!

Meural 1Meural is a leader in the emerging industry of digital artwork display. The Meural Canvas features their signature TrueArt technology that delivers “an organic and lifelike art-viewing experience.” With a built-in ambient light sensor, the images automatically adjust to match the room lighting. The three styles of frames — black, white, or a lightbox version — complements any interior motif. The Meural Canvas houses a 27″ diagonal, 16:9 display with full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution and can be displayed in landscape or portrait orientations.

With 8 GB of storage, the Meural Canvas can store approximately 2,000 images, which can be your own photos or digital artwork, or select from over 30,000 licensed images available from Meural, from the great masters to contemporary. Changing which picture is displayed is as easy as a swipe of the hand or control from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Learn more about Meural by visiting their website:

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