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Design Basics, LLC, is a leader in the stock home plan industry. We design and market home plans for single- and multi-family homes via the Internet, catalogs, newsstand magazines, and home building industry publications. Our company has been recognized nationally for home design, business management, and the development of effective marketing products. This success has helped us define our mission statement – “Where Great Design Matters.”

Design Basics began in 1983 as a custom home plan design firm for professional builders in our local community, Omaha, Nebraska. Over the years we have expanded our offering to include a wide variety of home plan designs, plan alteration services, and professional marketing products and services as well as keeping a focus on custom home design. Our home designs can now be found throughout all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and other countries around the world.

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Woman-Centric Matters!®

Woman-Centric Mattes!® LogoOur Woman-Centric Mattes!® builder program has helped builders realize a significant increase in home sales. It all began in mid-air on a flight back in January 2003 when the president of Design Basics was reading an article in Forbes magazine about the impact of female consumers. Women directly purchase or have controlling influence in the purchase of 91% of new homes (Smith-Dahmer Associates, NAHB IBS). Reading the article was an “Ah-ha!” moment.

After research and development, our Woman-Centric Matters!® program was launched in 2005. A unique bundle of products and services were developed to support the brand as well as a training program on how to effectively market to female customers. The program continues to grow with Woman-Centric builders across the country from California to Rhode Island and even Canada!

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